Acne-Free Drying Lotion review

As an adult, in my thirties, still dealing with blemish prone skin is a bit of a nightmare.  I often fear using the acne scrubs, washes and serums because they can lead to doing me more harm than good.  When I saw this product it not only looked strange, but potent.  This daunting jar of bi-leveled liquid was nothing like I had used before.  The instructions were pretty clear, use a q-tip and dab it on your blemish.  This little magical jar arrived just in time, a few days ahead of a big meeting that I had. 


 It’s hard enough being a young-ish business woman, but it’s even harder when you’re self-conscious about that giant spot on your face.  A big part of being successful is confidence, and our super fun female hormones can make that a way bigger challenge than it should be.

Ultimately this product got my unsightly blemish from obnoxious to manageable with a dab of cover-up after only two nights of application.  It helped that its fleshy color blended well under my daily make-up routine.  It dried quickly but wasn’t so overpowering that it created a ginormous patch of dry flaky skin, which is my typical result from an acne-fighting product.

Acne-Free fighting lotion bottle at this size will seemingly last me a lifetime.  It literally took a dot and a q-tip.  For less than $10 this is a no brainer ongoing staple in my beauty toolkit.  

Check your local super stores or online to purchase.

For more info about the product please visit

This product was provided on behalf of the maker or PR Company for a 100% honest review.  All words and opinions are that of my own.


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