Hard Candy 20th anniversary top ten eyeshadow palette review

Oh, I was so excited when I received this palette.  It is the essence of girly.  A fun mix of soft and darker colors for a variety of looks that can be created.  Some matted, some glittery, and all pretty.  Wrapped up in a glam little carry case that is great for travel, too.

Texturally the eyeshadows applied smoothly.  Nowadays, I am much simpler with my make-up application.  Nude tones for all over the lid and then a darker color smudged along my lash line.  I want this nude in a gigantic tub, because it is perfect and is just light enough to help brighten my eyes when they haven’t seen enough sleep.  The black has glitter but not so much that it is obnoxious and unprofessional.

For the work place these may not be ideal colors, in a professional office environment.   But again, it is convenient enough to keep in your purse so you can add that pop of color after hours for a night on the town.

This particular palette is the “top ten” as part of their 20th anniversary celebration.  Now I get to flashback to when I was a teen, and running to my BRAND NEW Sephora in the mall which was exciting enough on its own, but then these super fun colored Hard Candy polishes made their appearance and my mind was BLOWN.  Needless to say, Hard Candy will always hold a very special place in my heart

Check your local Wal-Mart starting next month for this eyeshadow palette and return of the famed polishes from the 90’s.

This product was provided for 100% honest review from the manufacturer or PR representatives.  All words and opinions are that of my own.

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