@ZoyaNailPolish Toya satin review

Today I have for you Zoya Nail Polish’s “Toya” this is considered a satin polish.  Not sure I agree that it should be called a satin, but maybe I’m not familiar enough with real satin to know the difference.  The color is a muted blue gray that is very modern and chic.  To me the texture and finish is more of a shiny rubber or plastic.


Regardless, I like it.  It is different enough so that I feel out of the norm, but sleek enough that it is still professional for work.

Application went OK, I used two coats.  However with these satins, and pixie dusts I notice a similarity of the formula being thick.  By the time I get to my second coat I have to be careful because in my perception the polish is somewhat drying before it makes it to my nails which can make it a little tricky especially with teeny tiny nail beds like I have. 

 Overall though it’s hard to say much negative, because I love Zoya polishes.  This can be purchased along with the rest of the satin collection at http://www.zoya.com for $9 each.  

This product was provided by the manufacturer or PR representative for 100% honest review.  All words and comments are that of my own.


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