@Sephora Hide and Sleek blush reviews

Oh Sephora, you got me again.  Three Hide and Sleek brushes are not only super stealth, but shiny and glam, and of course… perfect for tossing in your handbag for touch-ups or your travel bag for vacation.  These three are super soft, and easy to use.  Small enough for a small pocketbook but large enough to get their jobs done efficiently.

The three brushes are for foundation ($16), contour ($16), and lip ($12 but currently on sale for $5!).  Kind of funny to me on the Sephora site there is a bad review on the lip brush.  That is probably because whoever bought it tried to use it as an eyeliner.  Well, that’s not what this is for honey… lol

It is a bit of an investment for your beauty arsenal, but, I think it is fantastic to have these ready for travel or on-the-go use in addition to my regular, every day brushes.  These are all-synthetic, cruelty-free fibers for my passionate animal lover friends and protectors.  Are they perfect?  Probably not, but they are super enough for me and what I am going to be using them for.  Vacation, here I come!

This product was received on behalf of a manufacturer or PR representative for 100% honest review.  All words and opinions are that of my own.


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