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Good morning, and I hope you are all about to have a peaceful and safe Memorial weekend.

I wanted to share with you quickly my recent review of a new to me brand, Citrus Clear.

As I have confided more than once to you, I am an adult that is very susceptible to breakouts.  I started using these products about a week ago, and I am truly BLOWN AWAY.  Not only have a I had zero break-outs, but my skin looks healthier.  My pores have shrunk, and for one of the first times in my life I am leaving the house today without wearing a foundation, BB/CC, or tinted moisturizer.  These products are refreshing, non-abrasive, and smell really good.  And the work.  Usually my skin gets really bad before it gets better with new skincare routines.  Not the case here.

 The products I used are:

Pore & Blackhead extracting mask – this I apply for about 5 minutes before I go into the shower so it is easy to rinse off.  It dries quickly and you can kind of feel the impurities pulling out.

Skin repair moisturizer – this is a very fluid moisturizer, smells good but without it feeling “perfume-y” I use this one at night before bed all over my face and neck

Tangerine tingle – this is a scrub I combine with the sensitive face wash in the shower for a wake-up call (for face and brain) AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD

Sensitive face wash – see above 🙂

Sensitive moisturizer – this one I combine when I’m getting ready for work with my foundation, BB/CC cream for a really glowing look

I’d used Proactiv for YEARS and yes it worked but once I turned 30 it just was different, I don’t know how to explain it.  All of the chemicals in the product really scared me.  According to Citrus Clear the claim they are “perfect mix of modern science and holistic treatments – organic and chemical free products that work.”  They also state the following…

Our Standards & Principles

FDA Registered
Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certified
No Animal Testing
Quality Control Checkpoints
Shelf Life Testing
Antimicrobial Testing
Sustainable Practices & Materials

Made and Manufactured in the U.S.A. It is our mission to make holistic products to make people feel good, invigorated and uplifted.

These will definitely be getting re-stocked in my medicine cabinet when they run low.  So glad to have been provided the opportunity to try them.  Between $20 – $40 per product, it’s a go.

Please visit the Citrus Clear website to learn more about the products and to purchase.





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