@covergirl #new Eyeliner and mascara review #bbloggers


Products received on behalf of manufacturers or PR representatives for 100% honest review 

Where do I start.  Cover Girl has such a history of respected products that even the rich and famous swear by.  As years pass, they are not forgotten.  Instead they are still a beauty’s bestie.

This super sizer mascara is no joke.  At first I wondered how the thin wand would do my lashes any good but it totally shocked me and extended my lashes for days with one sweep. As you can see in my before/after that is a big difference!  Minimal clumping and minimal excess when pulling the wand from the tube.  Love.

Onto the Intensify me! Eyeliner.  I am the biggest goof with liner.  Seriously.  Something in my DNA just cannot get good at it.  This liner has a thin edge and a flat edge which was actually very helpful.  The thin part allowed for the finer line near the inner corner then I turned it for the flat edge to make the line thicker.  After balancing the connection with the thin liner I had a descent look going on there.  Made me feel kind of proud… Even though it was way more the product than the user that was awesome.

To find these for yourselves check your local beauty haul place – such as drug stores and big box stores! 

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