Beauty Besties does #hostess #beourguest #home

Well we just moved into our house about two weeks ago now.  Despite the fact we have purchased all new flooring, fixtures, etc. and are planning a massive remodel, we are already having house guests!  My sister-in-law is coming to stay with us and even though it is only for a night I want our home to feel like she is at home.  Or a hotel.  I just want her to be comfortable and have everything she needs!

I started thinking about what I like to take with me when I travel, or things I wish hotels had but never do.

In the bathroom I put some nice shampoo and conditioner from Pantene, some Olay body wash, and two brand new loofas that can be thrown away, or stored until she visits again.

On the counter I bought a little organizer and filled it with goodies like a toothpaste (I’ve forgotten mine before), make-up remover wipes ,disposable toothbrushes,  q-tips, Olay face wash, mouthwash, and wash cloths.

The bed is made with a new bedding set.  Because it feels weird to sleep on someone’s used sheets, let’s be honest.

With bottled waters and our wi-fi password in case she wants to use her tablet before bedtime since there’s no TV set up in the guest room yet.

Overall I think I did pretty good, I hope she enjoys her stay.  Even if you’re on a budget, short on time, or have other excuses… there is no excuse for being a bad hostess.  Clean the house, especially the bathroom and sitting areas.  Purchase some foods that you know they would enjoy, especially if they are on a restricted diet.  Then have fun with your guest!


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