Rimmel London Keep Calm and Lip Balm photos and review

Recently I had the opportunity to try out three new Rimmel London Keep Calm and Lip Balm(s).  First impression was awesome, because the naming and packaging was just SO cute!  These are lip balms with a tint of color, which is ironically, exactly what I was looking for.

Note: these products were received by PR representative for 100% honest review

These products can be found on http://www.RimmelLondon.com or various store locations such as Wal-Mart.

Also note that I have incredibly sensitive lips that peel easily.  At first I was pleased.  The product went on smoothly and added the promised kiss of color I was looking for.  I honestly can’t really wear lipsticks because my lips dry out and peel so badly.  I don’t know what chemical or component it is in lip products that causes my lips to do it, but it happens with almost everything.  Sadly after about an hour of application my lips started to dry out.  I re-applied but my lips were so reptilian looking that the color sank into the cracks.  The nice part was it kind of stained my lips.  But I ended up applying my EOS right over the top to get my lips back to their normal state.

For $2.50 each I would say it is worth a shot.  It is a totally cute item to have in your purse or on your desktop.  Plus, you probably don’t have ridiculous lip issues like I do.  So Keep Calm and Balm On.  I will too, just with a different product…


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