My @sallyhansen #miraclegel #nailpolish experiment – review w/photos and results!


My experience with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel was pretty gosh darn great.  Typically my manicures last 3-5 days before they really need a change-up.  This particular manicure lasted 9.  Sorry I didn’t include a day 9 image.  It would have gone longer, truthfully.  But I really couldn’t stand looking at the same color for any longer.  Even though I really loved the blue, I just wanted to see something new.

The application was smooth for color and top coat.  Two coats of color, one of top.  I only wish I would have used my ridge filler underneath, or buffed and truly manicured my fingers beforehand.  This might have helped me endure the manicure for even longer.  I neglected my hands (somewhat intentionally) for this experiment to see how long this “Miracle Gel” that needed no light curing – would truly last…

I’m impressed.  I’ve got two little ones, cook, and work on a computer all day long.  Plus working out with weights, etc.  Short of using my nails as a screwdriver, I used them for pretty much everything else and I got 9 strong days with minimal wear at the tips.  I’m about to try color number two to see if I get similar results.  I say it is worth a try, people!

This product was provided by the manufacturer or brand’s PR for 100% honest review.

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