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It is indeed Manicure Monday in the internet world, so I am celebrating with a new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel manicure that required no light, and saved time and didn’t stink up my whole house.  YAY!

This color is called Boho a-Go-Go.  Cute, right?  I love the color.  It reminds me of that Chanel Vamp from years and years ago.  Kind of purple, kind of burgundy, kind of dangerous, kind of awesome and still classy for work.  The top coat makes it SUPER shiny.  Sorry if my photos don’t do it justice.


I applied a thin coat of Nail Foundation (by butter London) and then two coats of color with a top coat of the Miracle Gel “step 2” Got to say, I’m feeling mighty polished heading into the work week.  Both the colors and top coat average about $7/bottle and can be found at your local big box superstores as well as convenience drug stores.  I saw a good selection of colors at my local CVS yesterday!

The last color I wore lasted me 10 days before I went nuts and had to change the color.  My mani was still going strong, though.

Sally Hansen, keep ’em coming so I can keep on painting.  xoxo

This product was provided on behalf of the manufacturer or PR for 100% honest review.


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