@jawboneupnews UP Move – fitness tracker under $50 review

I knew that I wanted to try out a new fitness tracker being that the last one I had is now outdated.  Hesitant for a wrist version with my small wrists, I searched for something petite and discrete.  At Best Buy I found the Up Move by Jawbone on sale for less than $50.  It came with a cute little clip that I could hide under my work clothes.  Win.

Upon set up it was simple.  Battery, insert and light up.  Then download the app for your phone and sync up quickly.  Enter your personal info and goals and off you go.  This tiny disc tracks your physical activity, sleep, and the app will provide the opportunity to input your meals with a diverse existing database including grocery and dining options. Daily it will send you alerts as to your progress and send motivational quotes or advice to keep you on the right track.

In the few months I have had it this has assisted in the loss of a stubborn 10 lbs.  I also know that it keeps me accountable daily and constantly progressing.  Also excited for the new Bauble Bar accessories that are also affordable.  This makes a neat holiday gift for a fitness guru or newbie.

Do you use a tracker?  Which one?

Good luck on your health and fitness journey!


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