#Glam #Gifts Under $25 for the Social Media Girl #giftideas #holidays

Have someone in your life that is too glam for their own good?  Sharing their fab world on social media?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Instagram?  #hashtag ?  Well I have some gift ideas for the girl (or guy) who can’t be torn away from their phone or tablet.  Fun, fabulous and affordable.

Brass # sign $19 West Elm

Brass hashtag sign from West Elm

Brass @ sign $19 West Elm

Brass “@” sign from West Elm

Selfie wireless remote Brookstone

Wireless Remote for selfies from Brookstone

Etsy @ earring $24

“@” earrings from Etsy

Custom necklace Etsy 35

Username customer necklace from Etsy

These are just a few of the Glam Gifts under $25 ideas on my Pinterest board. Check it out to see exactly where to buy these (and many more) goods for the holidays that are just around the corner.

Be sure to follow this board throughout the year because it is constantly growing with new gift ideas.


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