Glam gift ideas for boss ladies #giftguide 

Do you have a boss that rocks?  Is your bestie on her way up in the ranks?  Are you running the show at home and at work?  Then these are just a few gift ideas for you. Don’t be afraid to drop that subtle hint of you see something you like… Leave this post up on the screen for a friend or loved one to see, possibly?

Click the link through to one of several Pinterest boards of mine that will continue to grow as the holidays approach. Follow me on Pinterest, Instagram , Facebook and Twitter for daily updates and holiday shopping cheer – from more gift ideas to sale alerts on a DAILY basis.

Here are just a handful of the glam boss gifts I discovered online so far.  As a boss myself, any one of these would be a smash hit if I were to receive it.  Yes, it is totally possible to get designer brands at affordable prices.  It’s all about strategic shopping.  Go ahead, boss lady deserves it!

So if you click the link to one of my Pinterest gift guides.  Each image within will direct you to your shopping destination.  There are also boards for under $25 and $150 depending on your budget.

Happy holiday hauling to you!  Xoxo


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