Our own #fixerupper #DIY #reno update

Six months ago we bought a new home.  It was one of those homes where we knew that over time we would remodel every single room.  Even though it was going to be a ton of work, it was very hard to pass on this view from the living room and front yard.  Most days and nights if we have good weather we can see at least five cities surrounding us.  It is peaceful and beautiful.


But when you walked inside it was straight-up Brady Bunch.  1976 everything.  Wallpaper, gold sconces and carpet that was older than I am.

The wide open floor plan had so much potential.  So over time we improved it.  Ripped out the carpet, painted the walls, updated the lighting, installed some dark gray wood-look laminate that could withstand the child’s play of a 7 and 1 year old.


Here is the before.  Even though there is tons of natural light from both directions, the room felt dark.  There was a giant mirror at the far end (to try and make it seem unnecessarily bigger?)  The previous owners lived in this home since 1979.  They used this as a dining & family room.  We opted to transform it into a family & game room.


I love a sleek, modern look.  The flooring was purchased at Lumber Liquidators.  The chairs are La-Z-Boy.  Shelving is from Ikea.  Lighting and paint from Lowe’s.  All of the TV’s and gaming systems wiring is hidden in the wall.  The shelves keep my son’s video game characters out of reach from our little one.  It is great on game days, my husband can have three games going on at one time.

It is slowly but surely coming together.  This flooring runs throughout the living room, kitchen and dinette area as well.  However we are not totally done in there yet.  Three out of four bedrooms are almost done.  Bathrooms are the next big projects.  So stay tuned as we will share more!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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