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I know.  Some of you are getting sick of my Star Wars posts over the past couple weeks.  But there are only DAYS left until the new movie comes out.  Can’t help it people, I’m excited.  It is OK to admit that maybe you are too… just a little bit?

So if you’re going to see the movie, or even just want to proudly display your love for this timeless series; you may want Star Wars everything.  Well I have discovered some exclusive fashion items that are really dang cool as well as affordable at both Hot Topic and Torrid.  Here is a sneak peek at what they have in store for us from Her Universe.

Shop the EXCLUSIVE collection inspired by Star Wars at HotTopic.com!

There is everything from tees and thanks to really flipping awesome sweaters for Winter.  Plus there are coordinating accessories.

Shop the Star Wars by Her Universe Fashion Collection at Torrid.com!

You can use my links to start shopping online now!

Don’t forget to come back and share what you got for yourself or gifted to others.  Or how excited you are about the movie in the comments!


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