@ShieloHair leave in protectant review + before/after pictures 

Product provided for 100% honest review

This leave in protectant, antioxidant spray is something I recently received and started using after my showers in my hair.

For starters it smells SO good.  Like when you go get your hair done and it always smells so delicious you want to take your stylist and her product home with you.  That good.

My hair is thick.  Needs a good trip so I’m getting a bit unruly and unpleasant if I don’t style it.  However this spray had helped with smoothing out flyaway hair and controlling the straightened hair after I use my flat iron.

Key Ingredients
• UV Protectants and natural antioxidants from White Tea enhance color protection.
• Shea Butter adds a protective moisture barrier to seal the hair shaft.
• Innovative Wheat Crosspolymer creates an invisible safety net around each hair to shield color, increase flexibility and reduce breakage.

Note: even for my thick hair, just a couple of sprays go a long way!

To learn more about this cruelty-free product, please visit the shielo website.


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