The BEST facial cleansing wipes are $1.00 – Epielle brand, photos and review

OK.  If any of you are like me, you find it to be hard to swallow when you’re at the big box store beauty aisle and need to buy some makeup remover / facial cleansing wipes.  Typically you’re spending $5+ on a package of 25-30.  Now that is not terrible, but it seemed like spending that much wasn’t necessary.  So I skipped it last time…

…then we made a trip to Big Lots.  We have one locally and visit it every couple of months to see what they have.  Once in a while there is a gem we find and pick-up.  Well this time I went down the beauty aisle and found these Epielle pre-moistened facial cleansing wipes in various scents and formulations for $1.00 for a package of 30.


I was hesitant.  I figured they were somehow expired, or would be dry and I would have to use a few of them.  But my husband talked me into buying four packages for a whopping four bucks.

Much to my surprise when I took the first one out it was really moist.  I mean, REALLY moist.  Unlike any other one I’d ever used.  So I put it to the test.  I did a swipe over my entire face, and finished with my eyes.  With other brand wipes it would make my eyes burn, and leave me with raccoon rings that sometimes stayed until later when I would apply an eye cream.  But not these.  These powerful little wipes felt refreshing.  They removed pretty much everything off my face including my waterproof liner and mascara with no rings or residue.  And there was no dryness or stinging.  You can see my before and after in the collage above.

The next move was to run back to Big Lots and purchase a year’s supply.  I highly suggest you do as well!


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