Eye Buy Direct computer glasses review

Well, I’m officially getting old.  Just got my eyes checked a few weeks ago and I had been presented with options.  Keep my current glasses and get a second pair for reading or get bifocals.  I’m not ready for bifocals.

With my vision (VSP) benefits the cheapest glasses I could find were in the $85 dollar range for a nice frame, anti-glare and prescription.  It seems a bit cheap of me, but really?  These are for when I’m sitting at the computer.  Plus I wanted to play it safe and keep my option open to get a name brand pair for my long distance prescription or if I ever end up doing the bifocal in the near future.

So I looked online for cute, affordable frames when I stumbled across Eye Buy Direct.  I found these frames and installed they grabbed my attention.  They were just what I was looking for.  Cute and affordable.  Plus this place had an option for a computer glasses package.  All in all the frames with shipping cost me less than fifty bucks and no insurance was needed.



The order was processed quickly over the holiday and they sent me status updates to my email often.  In less than two weeks they had arrived in a cute little box and case.  I’ve been wearing them for a week and I have to say they don’t “feel” cheap.  They’re pretty darn nice.

So for kids, or back-up frames I totally suggest this site.

Get your frame on.

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