Photos & product review: Hard Candy Cheeky Tints (Surfer Babe)

Not long ago a pretty little package arrived on my doorstep that included three shades of Hard Candy’s new Cheeky Tints.  Please note that these products were provided by the brand or PR representative for 100% honest review.

Now let me say, I am a fan of cream/gel/liquid blushes for many reasons.  They can be multi-functional, and used as a color on the lips.  They are long lasting on the face.  Plus, you don’t have to dirty a make-up brush.  Oh… and a little goes a long way!

These Hard Candy Cheeky Tints are no exception. Today I show you my experience with Surfer Babe.  A bright sun kissed pink.


All you need is a small dot on your finger.  Then I apply that in three smaller dots along the cheek bone.  Be sure to apply and rub in circular pattern quickly to the face.  The pigment will start to lightly stain whatever surface it stays on so if you’re ridiculously slow, you might have blush dots instead of a true blushed look.

I’ve got to admit, I did feel a little like a surfer babe.  I felt like I looked like I had gotten some sun, which is most often NOT the case.  Best of all, Hard Candy products are affordable and easy to buy at your local Walmart or their website.  It comes in six shades, and for six dollars it is a definite item to put on your purchase list.


2 thoughts on “Photos & product review: Hard Candy Cheeky Tints (Surfer Babe)

  1. Tina Kennedy says:

    I just bought one of these today because I couldn’t find the Rimmel cheek stain that I LOVE! Glad the reviews are good!


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