Product review: NYX lip primer & matte lipstick

For Valentine’s I got one of the best gifts ever… a trip to Ulta for a haul.  I ended up putting a NYX lip primer and matte lipstick in my bag as I wandered around in circles.  To me, I was hoping this combination would be the end to my woes; as every time I try any lip color lately I end up with incredibly dry and peeling lips.

The primer itself applies like a clear, soft lip pencil.  The lipstick glided over the top of that without any overly drying feel but did appear matte on my lips which was exactly what I was going for.  It only lasted a few hours and then I had to re-apply.


The color on the lipstick is a mix of nude/brown/red – which I love.  It is color S19.  I’m very curious to get more colors of this.  But I think instead I will try another NYX long(er) *hopefully* lasting lip color.  Both products cost less than $12 pre-tax, so it was no loss at all to me since both will continue to be used.  After three days of use, I haven’t had the obnoxious peel as I normally would so overall I’m pleased!


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