Photos & product review: Hard Candy Velvet Mousse lip color (Dahlia)

This is a review of Hard Candy’s Velvet Mousse lip color in the shade: Dahlia

This product was received as a courtesy from the brand/PR representative for 100% honest review

My heart rate raised as soon as I saw the pretty little box (that doubles as an application mirror, by the way).  The shade Dahlia was exactly what I’d been dreaming about.  A dark lip that reminds me of Chanel’s Vamp nail polish.  And there it was sitting right in front of me.



To prep my lips for this I applied my NYX lip primer.  Then I carefully dabbed on the color with the sponge tip applicator.  I’m not sure if it was the primer or my application method, but it didn’t result in feathering or color everywhere that would be difficult to remove.


The color itself was stunning.  It made me feel really put together and kind of effortless since I went with a basic face otherwise as far as make-up goes.  It lasted almost all day at the edges of my lips with only the center fading and drying a bit.  After six hours it still looked really good which impressed me. 

There are two more colors received that are also very pretty.  Full reviews to come soon on those!


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