Piper Wai natural deoderant review

Apparently as I get older, my body is rejecting things that my brain and mouth cannot pronounce.  My underarms suddenly started reacting badly to clinical strength deodorants (unfortunately, a must for me) so when I was watching my DVR episode of Shark Tank and saw Piper Wai, I had to try it.

The website is 4-5 weeks backordered the last I checked, however, I found it on Lucky Vitamin’s website.  So it was a good opportunity to snag some other natural products like vitamins for my son and tear free bath wash for my youngest.  About a week later it arrived.  A tiny, but pretty little jar.  I know I watched the episode but I just wasn’t sure what to think once I was holding it in my hand.

I opened it up and it looked kind of like a charcoal scrub.  It smelled kind of minty.  I read to take a pea sized scoop and just rub it in until I couldn’t see it.  So I did.  And I waited.  I went to work, went for a 15 minute walk to break up the day (in two layers of clothing, high 70’s and knee high boots) and surprisingly never got grossed out by myself which has happened before with other natural deodorants.  But it was not a fluke.  So I tried it again the next day, then did a pretty vigorous cardio and weight routine with no disgusting aftermath.  To me, it’s a win.  Yes, bizarre to be rubbing stuff into my armpit… and yes, I would prefer a stick.  But, it works.  And I haven’t had any breakouts, itching, or awkwardness.

Thanks Shark Tank for introducing me to Piper Wai!


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