Sinful Colors Kylie Trend Matters nail polish in Kommotion

Product provided for 100% honest review

When my adorable little Sinful Colors bag of Kylie / Trend Matters polishes arrived, I had a hard time deciding which color to start with.  I’ve got a weird thing where I correlate polish names with the mood of the day I’m going to have.  Not sure Kommotion is a good choice for someone that works in HR, but that’s what I went with none the less.   It has been a strange few weeks, so, let me leave it at that.

Kommotion in the bottle seems like a medium purple blue pearl with gold and pink iridescence.  My nails are in super short nub form and usually these colors are a nice accent for short nails.  The color applied very thin at first, almost sheer.  So by the time I got to my second nail I attempted applying a thicker coat of polish.  That was the charm.  Two coats later, no top coat, you have what you see here.

My only issue is that I thought this was going to be more matte than it is but I still really like the color, so I’m not too offended it isn’t the velvet texture I was expecting.


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