Hilton Squaw Peak – Phoenix Arizona review #travel #hilton

This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Tonight I am wrapping up my four day stay at Hilton Squaw Peak during my PhD residency as a Grand Canyon University student.  The residency itself I could write about but I am sure I would bore most of you with nerd talk.

Pulling up to this hotel you can’t really tell how huge it is.  There are multiple towers for hotel rooms, convention rooms, lobby, pool(s) and restaurants.  Check in took less than 90 seconds.  They took my cell phone number and soon after got a welcome text, letting me know I could just text back if I needed anything!  This came in handy sitting in class one day, realizing I needed to print a document and instead of stepping out to make a call I just texted and got a prompt and friendly response as to the location and hours for the business center.

My room is quite spacious. But is broken up into a living area with sofa couch, chair, work desk, bar and TV in front with a restroom splitting the difference to the bedroom.  There are two queen beds so technically this room sleeps six.  There is a nice lit closet and plenty of storage.  The sink is separate from the toilet and shower which is nice. 

The food has been very good. I had a bite at the bar near the lazy river after class one night and two others were room service.  They gave themselves 40 minute delivery times but made it in about half that.  The catered food for our school has been very good as well.  Customer service has been an overall theme here.  Both nights of room service I got a follow up call to make sure I enjoyed my meal.  And an occasional text to check in from staff.  

My second day security called making sure I was ok.  I am a total introvert and don’t want anyone in my room so I put up a do not disturb sign as soon as I arrive and it stays up until I leave.  Yes… That means no room service.  But that was a kind gesture to call and make sure I wasn’t keeled over somewhere. I wish my family could have been here to enjoy the pools and kids club.  If you come just drink lots of water because it gets hot.  Also be prepared to walk because things are a little spread out. 
 Overall aesthetically it is nice.  Some things could use a little touch up here or there, and I probably notice more than other people since I am overly analytical. The most important thing though is comfort and customer service which the facility provides.  I plan to return with family.


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