Ban simply clean roll-on 24 hr. invisible protection review

Product provided for 100% honest review

I have been wanting to try a more traditional deodorant again ever since making the switch to Piper Wai.  I have not really had any issues with Piper Wai, however, once in a while I think it would be nice to save a few seconds.  You know, put on deodorant the traditional way… and just roll it on.

I do have other issues with deodorants’.  They either make me break out or they require multiple applications per day.  Unless of course it is clinical grade.


This particular ban deodorant has a nice smell – called “simply clean.”  It rolled on easily and did not drip or stain my clothes.  I put it to a 24 hour test.  I’m right around 18 hours right now.  We did go shopping at several stores yesterday in 80 degree heat.  Maybe it’s just me and my overly sensitive nose and body, but I just really want a shower.  Nothing replaces that.  However I am not completely offending myself or others yet and could probably get away with a re-application and quick errand if I had to.

Also this particular deodorant has not given me a rash like some others do.

For me and my personal needs this is a great back-up deodorant.  Something to keep in a drawer at work if I’m running around a bunch and need a quick freshening.

The average price of these deodorants is $4.50 and can be found online or in big box stores.  It also comes in other scents, and a “no scent” option.

Stay fresh!


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