Hard Candy bold & gorgeous liner and Ginormous Biggest Fan mascara 

Products provided for 100% honest review


Hard Candy bold & gorgeous liner and Ginormous Biggest Fan mascara

All in all it is really hard to say anything bad about these products.  If you are looking for descent quality items at an affordable price and easy-to-find locations (WalMart) then this is a go-to brand.  Period.

Perhaps I am biased because of my teenage years they came out with the first alternative nail polishes when Clueless came out and I have loved them ever since.  But most of the products I have used since then since the Sephora to Walmart transition took place have been pretty darn good in my personal opinion.

You can see from the photo above that even though I admit I suck at applying eyeliner, I got a somewhat descent line going with this felt tip.  Anytime my lashes start to flick upwards and outwards on their own at the corners without excess getting on my face I am also a very happy camper…

From the Hard Candy website:

Fat and Fine Felt Tip Liner $5

Shade Name: blackest black

This liner features an intense black formula that lasts up to 12 hours for smudge-proof, budge-proof all day wear. The smart 2-in-1 design allows you to create a thin or thick line using the same tip. All you have to do is turn the pen for a different angle and apply!

Ginormous Biggest Fan $6

Shade Name: blackest carbon black

This innovative fanned out brush never lets a lash go untouched! Wrap every last in exceptional volume from root to tip. Allow the brush instantly define, curl and fan out lashes for bigger, brighter eyes.

For more info on purchasing these for yourself, please visit

http://www.hardcandy.com or http://www.walmart.com



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