love the polish, hate the name

Have you ever loved a polish but hated its name?  That’s where I’m at with this polish…

This color is straight out of the Nicole by OPI Kardashian collection

It is a ridiculously hot and glamorous fire-y orange toned red.

Some reds make me feel super sexy and powerful, and this one does just that.  Screw my pedicure – this is one for my finger tips.

…I just hope no one asks me what it is called…

Can I just leave the “Kourt” part out???

side note: the Kardashian family has no impact on my personal life, and I do not watch their shows.  I just think these polish names are silly because I’m not a super fan.

This applied great, in two coats for full opacity.

It may appear to have a slight bubbly texture but I assure you that it is not the polish.  Its a cheap top coat I randomly pulled out of my drawer.

Do you wear reds?  Does this one strike you as a must-have?

Product provided for 100% honest review


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