Milani Creme Brulip gloss

Good morning and happy Saturday to you all!  I’m happy to report to you some new products that I hadn’t heard of before from Milani Cosmetics. From that link you can see they are in pairs of a gloss and matching nail polish, which I absolutely adore!  Today I am reviewing the lip glosses and tomorrow I will report the polishes.  I will show you two colors that are pretty awesome.

The gloss texture is literally creme-y and so is the look.  The colors are flat with no shimmer at all to them.

I have for you Raspberry Parfait & Sugar Glaze:





Side by side



This is the most pink my lips have ever been



I prefer a neutral lip – and I wore this one ALL DAY with this smokey eye below…





Now I know I am definitely no Victoria’s Secret model but it reminded me a bit of how their model’s make-up was done.  A smokey eye and a nude lip.  I love the combo.

Back to the gloss!  I thought the texture was soft and inviting.  Not sticky, no flavor issues.  Just a clean moisturized lip.  Right now Milani has a special…

You can purchase them for $4.49/set on the Milani website.


Like I said I will try out the polishes starting tonight and post them as soon as I am able.  I was so excited to see these colors, they are so fun and girly and just scream SPRING!

Stay tuned for more posts – the easiest way to follow my blog is by adding my Facebook page.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again real soon!  xoxo

product was sent for review


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